Navigating the labyrinth of network marketing is no walk in the park. It’s a world that demands not just connections but the right kind of entrepreneur with savvy interpersonal skills and a keen awareness of the long-term impact of those relationships. Tony de Gouveia, the brains behind TUB (The Ultimate Business), can vouch for this. His journey to mastery was paved with trial, error, and relentless commitment to honing his craft.

Q: Where and how did you begin your journey of starting TUB

A: The seeds for TUB were sown back in 2010 after a lengthy 22-year stint in the retail sector. That chapter of my life was instrumental, but I found myself yearning for a shift in direction—toward network marketing. That’s when I decided it was time to bring The Ultimate Business to life.

Q: What drew you to network marketing? Were there any obstacles that kept you from starting?

A: When I first ventured into network marketing, my biggest hurdle was lacking the necessary skills. It was initially tough, especially learning that success in this industry isn’t about dictating actions but demonstrating what needs to be done. The allure of network marketing for me was the autonomy it offered—the freedom to act on my terms.

Q: When did you start seeing results from your business? 

A: The initial five years were essentially a learning curve, a period of grasping what not to do. It wasn’t until I heeded the advice of mentors and adhered to the foundational principles of the industry that I began to see real progress around 2017. That’s when my team’s numbers truly began to swell, reaching 100,000 by 2018. By the close of 2020, we had grown to a formidable 130,000-strong team.

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Q: What prepared you for working in this field?

A: When I took over my family business, I had to learn how to serve people. This entailed softening my behavior because, at the time, I was an incredibly commanding person. I had to learn to become what we, in my business, call a “servant leader.” I had to understand that it was not always about being on the front lines but being able to offer input and direction from the back of the room.

Q: What are some of your notable accomplishments? What do you seek to accomplish in the future?

A: As I’ve mentioned, I’ve worked in retail and run multiple franchises for over 22 years. I also set the first world record for the longest boerewors sausage made in 1999 (equating to about 2 tons of meat.) My ambition is to become a seven-income earner. I would also like to create a book to help build my brand and broaden my world vision. Ultimately, I aim to inspire people to grow their brands, foster better business principles, and help shape how people serve others. This is the greatest goal I have for my business: to not only stand as a leader in servant leadership but to be a mentor to those exploring the field.

Written in partnership with Tom White.