Pride Month features many uplifting stories and inspiring events throughout the Los Angeles area and beyond, which include parties and festivals, book readings, sports events, garden galas, and even roller-skating nights.

However, visiting every single spot that works to honor the LGBTQ+ community and its history over the 30 days of June may be daunting, as hundreds of Pride-filled places will feature open houses, meal specials, happy hours, and more.

Whether you’re in town to celebrate Pride month or are a local looking to find a fun outing, these are just a few of the gatherings, shows, and events that are set to take place around the Los Angeles region in the days ahead.

LA Pride Festival & Parade 2024

One of the largest Pride celebrations that takes place in the world will feature a stunning array of events in the Los Angeles area. Headlined by Grammy Award-winning singer Ricky Martin, the parade will begin at 11:00 AM on June 8, as will an LA Pride Block Party. There will also be food vendors and other booths available.

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A Very ‘Judy’ Birthday Party

Special guests Joey Luft and Vanessa O’Neill of the Garland Family will celebrate Pride with Judy Garland’s most loyal fans on June 9 at the Hollywood Heritage Museum. In attendance will also be Sid Krofft, who opened for Judy’s “Miss Show Business” tour. Sid will join the audience after his live, onsite podcast from the legendary DeMille Office.

Pride Bingo

This year’s Pride Bingo will take place at the outdoor shopping center The Grove on June 13 and will feature food, drinks, and live music to start, with bingo and prizes to follow. Admission for this event is $55 and will run from 6 pm to 8:30 pm at The Park.

LGBTQ+ Pride Night presented by Blue Shield of California

June 14 has an event guaranteed to thrill the baseball fans in your life, and can’t be missed by fans of Big Blue. The event will feature music, drinks, and exclusive merchandise while promoting baseball-loving camaraderie. Fans can also pick up an exclusive 2024 Dodger LGBTQ-themed jersey, only available at this event. The game will kick-off at 7:10 pm at Dodgers Stadium.

Prideis Universal 2024

Who doesn’t love prom? And wouldn’t it be all the more incredible if it was an inclusive, pride-filled event? Universal Studios Hollywood will be hosting a Pride-themed prom on June 15, featuring DJ music, dancing, and even TV stars from “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Attendees should take note that each theme park has a separately ticketed event. For VIPs, the event will begin at 2 pm, and for the general audience, it will start at 4 pm, running all the way to 2 am.