The LA Clippers have updated their brand and aesthetic for the upcoming 2024–2025 season. The fresh logo and new uniforms will debut during the same season as their new arena, the Intuit Dome, in Inglewood, California. The team had used its previous look since 2015.

A New Logo With Classic Inspiration

“We have been on a long journey, gathering feedback and insights from across Clipper Nation,” said Gillian Zucker, the president of business operations for the Clippers, in a statement on Monday. “We listened to as many voices as we could and then engaged specialists to arrive at a timeless design that blends bedrocks of our past and our future. Our new marks are meaningful and strong, capturing our roots and our aspirations.”

The new logo is much more nautical, paying closer homage to the Clippers’ original mascot. Featuring the silhouette of an oncoming clipper ship with the shape of a basketball’s grooves on it, the logo is framed by a large “C” stylized to appear as a compass. The three colors chosen for the rebranding are naval blue, ember red, and Pacific blue. It’s a logo that emphasizes careful navigation through the compass and naval power through the mighty clipper.

Fan Reactions

The new uniforms are informed by previous uniforms the team had worn in the ‘80s and early 2010s. They feature a modernized take on the classic cursive for the “Clippers” text, with an alternate red jersey with the words “Los Angeles” on the chest.

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Early fan opinions on social media seem to be split. While some applaud the new design, others seem to find it boring. One standout dichotomy in opinions is between fans who appreciate the inclusion of the nautical themes and those who appear to be realizing for the first time that the team’s name refers to a ship.

A Fresh Look for a New Arena

Opinions may change over time as fans get used to the new logo and colors, which will feature strongly in the new arena in Intuit Dome. The arena will be surrounded by Pacific Blue, with the boat-and-compass logo drawn large in its center. The new arena may also require an adjustment period, as the Clippers had been playing in the Arena (previously known as the Staples Center) for 25 seasons.

The decision to relocate was mostly a business one on the part of Steve Ballmer, the owner of the LA Clippers. The former Microsoft CEO acquired the team from the previous owner, Donald Sterling. The new Inglewood arena represents Ballmer’s investment in the team’s potential to pull in crowds. For many fans, the Intuit Arena is an important achievement for the team, which had been sharing its arena with the LA Lakers.

When the decision to relocate was first announced, there were rumors that the Clippers’ rebranding might even include a name change. Ballmer answered these rumors in April 2023 with a firm denial, and the new logo and uniforms have locked the Clippers’ identity in place just in time for them to open the new arena.