With airlines charging more and providing less, many are looking for an alternative travel option. For those planning to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in pampered comfort, this could soon be an option with Dreamstar Lines. This luxurious overnight train service comes from a Newport Beach-based startup and is taking strides to make this dream a reality by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Union Pacific Railroad.

This agreement paves the way for Dreamstar’s trains to potentially operate on Union Pacific’s Coast Line railroad tracks, which run along the California coast between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. These tracks are currently used by Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner and Coast Starlight trains, among others.

“Our collaboration with Union Pacific Railroad is a significant milestone for Dreamstar Lines and for the future of private rail travel in the United States,” said Joshua Dominic, CEO of Dreamstar Lines. “By launching this service, we are not only offering a luxurious and eco-friendly travel option but also revitalizing the rich heritage of overnight rail travel in America.”

While pricing has not been finalized, Dominic indicated that fares “will be on the low end of overnight rail travel in North America.” He added that walk-up fares “would be competitive with plane tickets bought within the typical business travel window, less than three weeks before departure, or the cost of a flight with advance purchase plus a hotel.”

But what exactly can travelers expect from this groundbreaking service? Dreamstar plans to redefine overnight travel with a fleet of overhauled bi-level trains, promising private rooms with lie-flat beds and access to high-speed Wi-Fi across the board. Premium accommodations will elevate the experience further with queen beds, in-suite showers, and exquisite decor. For those who find joy in the journey as much as the destination, a lounge offering snacks, desserts, and drinks will be available, alongside a thoughtful on-board breakfast delivery service.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Dreamstar’s offering is the potential for an “add-on auto transport service.” This would allow passengers to bring their vehicles along for the journey, a feature that could appeal to car enthusiasts attending track days or shows, as well as those who simply want access to their own vehicle at their destination without the hassle of driving or renting a car.

In addition to standard overnight suites, Dreamstar is exploring family accommodations that could be more affordable than airfare for groups of four or more, depending on demand. The company also plans to offer limited coach seating for shorter segments of the route near the end of the journey.

While the MOU is a significant step forward, Dreamstar still has work ahead to finalize the necessary agreements and secure funding before its intended launch date at the end of summer 2025. “The MOU is a preliminary agreement memorializing the status of our discussions to date, and to identify the basic compensation formula for track access,” Dominic explained. “Dreamstar hopes it becomes a template for similar arrangements with the other track and facility owners.”

For those dreaming of a more serene and scenic journey between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the promise of Dreamstar Lines is a glimpse into a future where travel is not just about reaching a destination, but about savoring the journey itself. As the countdown to the end of summer 2025 begins, travelers are excited about a return to the romantic, leisurely pace of travel that has long been missing from our modern lives.