The city of Irvine will soon experience a remarkable transformation in its culinary landscape. Thanks to the collaboration between EMMES Realty Services of California LLC and Oaktree Capital Management, L.P., their ambitious project, Centerview, located in the Irvine Concourse, has become a culinary destination. Anchored by twin 12-story buildings, Centerview boasts approximately 40,000 square feet of leased retail space, and Eighteen Main, a recently renovated restaurant pad, forms its core. 

Tony Monaco, renowned for his culinary skills, showcased at The Blind Pig Kitchen & Bar, has added another gem to his repertoire with Monaco Italian Kitchen + Bar. As the eighth restaurant set to grace Centerview, Monaco Italian Kitchen + Bar has joined the prestigious lineup that also includes Izakaya Osen, The Trough, and The Goldfinch. 

For this project, Monaco aims to blend traditional Italian flavors with his signature “Blind Pig” twist. Diners at the restaurant can expect a tantalizing array of Italian-inspired appetizers, including pasta, pizzas, desserts, and a curated range of cocktails and locally crafted beers. 

Expressing his excitement about this project, Monaco revealed, “We will be bringing our award-winning cocktail program from The Blind Pig over to Monaco, with an emphasis on Italian-inspired cocktails.” He further added, “Expect some of the best Espresso Martinis and Negronis in Orange County when dining with us, but if that’s not your style, we will also have a large cocktail list offering riffs on all your favorite types of cocktails.” 

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Monaco Italian Kitchen + Bar will likely benefit from a steady stream of foot traffic generated by its proximity to the bustling office complex. Monaco acknowledges the strategic advantage of the location, highlighting the importance of consistent patronage, particularly during off-peak hours. 

“Running restaurants is hard anywhere, especially in California,” Monaco remarked. He believes that having built-in clientele at Centerview is a big draw. According to him, “Location is very important, and Centerview checks a lot of boxes.” 

Monaco’s decision to establish his second eatery at Eighteen Main was further fueled by the supportive environment fostered by EMMES Realty Services of California LLC. Justin Nguyen, senior vice president of asset management at EMMES, highlighted the significance of the addition of Monaco Italian Kitchen + Bar to Centerview. 

“The signing of the last restaurant lease represents not only a significant milestone for EMMES but also a strategic move by Monaco Italian Kitchen + Bar to contribute to the vibrancy and growth of the surrounding communities,” Nguyen remarked. 

Centerview’s strategic location within the 48-acre Irvine Concourse also offers unparalleled accessibility, with immediate access to major freeways and proximity to John Wayne Airport. As Monaco Italian Kitchen + Bar is gearing up to unveil its Italian-inspired delicacies, anticipation brews among food enthusiasts eager to savor the fusion of Italian tradition and contemporary flair. 

In a city renowned for its diverse culinary scene, Monaco Italian Kitchen + Bar promises to carve a niche by offering an unforgettable experience. With its innovative approach to Italian cuisine, Tony Monaco’s latest venture is expected to leave a lasting impression on Southern California’s gastronomic scene. As Monaco Italian Kitchen + Bar prepares to open its doors, anticipation is rising among diners eager to indulge in its tantalizing menu.