Fans of the globally acclaimed South Korean series Squid Game are in for a unique treat as Squid Game: The Trials is set to launch in Los Angeles this December. After rain caused a brief postponement, the immersive experience is ready to transport attendees into the thrilling and tension-filled world of the show while ensuring that no one feels exploited.

The main themes of Squid Game are overwhelming debt, desperate financial situations, and harsh realities. The goal of this immersive event is to portray these themes in an enjoyable, engaging, and safe manner. Attendees will engage in an array of easy-to-learn yet extremely difficult-to-win games—similar to those encountered by the characters on the show. Squid Game: The Trials ensures each participant survives the series despite the high stakes and leaves with an unforgettable experience rather than any monetary gains.

Collaborating with the experiential entertainment firm Superfly, Netflix is bringing this immersive adventure to life. The event, launching on December 6, aligns with the premiere of Squid Game: The Challenge, an unscripted reality competition series inspired by the show. However, Netflix has claimed that this has had nothing to do with physical fitness and is more of a fun immersion into the mindset of the actual show.

The experience will offer a blend of theatricality, technology, and cuisine, courtesy of downtown’s renowned culinary team at Yangban. It aims to encompass the essence of the show, including the iconic tracksuits, which attendees can purchase.

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Squid Game S1

Netflix has been secretive about what the exact games will be, but many fans expect the “Red Light, Green Light” game, which caused many viral moments in the series. The event will incorporate elements from both the first season of Squid Game and the upcoming reality series. Furthermore, some challenges have been designed exclusively for this unique experience.

The intention is to make Squid Game: The Trials widely available and entertaining. However, although the experience aims to be as inclusive as possible, children under the age of 13 will not be admitted.

Tickets for the event are available in 30-minute increments throughout the day, providing flexibility. A wristband with radio frequency identification technology that tracks scores will be given to each player. Following the completion of each group’s experience, winners will be declared.

Netflix intends to maintain the psychological intrigue of the show while minimizing the tension and stakes associated with life-or-death challenges. Squid Game: The Trials is expected to last approximately 70 minutes, featuring a series of escalating challenges, with a total of six games.

Additionally, the event will embrace Squid Game‘s masked antagonist, the Front Man, as well as the enigmatic guards in their distinctive pink jumpsuits. The Night Market will be an ideal spot for fans to extend their experience, as attendees are invited to immerse themselves further in the world of Squid Game.

While specific details about the event’s games and challenges are still under wraps, it’s safe to assume that iconic elements, like the dalgona candies featured in the series, will play a significant role in the experience.

Tickets to Squid Game: The Trials are currently on sale, with the event running from December 6 to January 31. Prices start at $39 for midweek attendance and increase to $54 on weekends, while a VIP experience is available for $99. Don’t miss the opportunity to step into the gripping world of Squid Game in this immersive adventure.