Next Health, the innovative leader in health optimization and longevity, has entered a development agreement to expand operations in multiple areas across Southern California. Building upon the success of Next Health’s already well-established hubs in West Hollywood, Studio City, and Century City, the move will introduce three new locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.

Next Health has been a known pioneer in the health optimization and longevity arena since its founding in Los Angeles in 2016 by prominent U.S. surgeon Dr. Darshan Shah and entrepreneur Kevin Peake. The famous center sponsors a medical, data-driven approach that empowers individuals to live healthier, longer lives. Next Health offers the most cutting-edge technology and medical services in a lively environment with white-glove hospitality, providing services like NAD Therapy, IV Therapy, Infrared Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Cryotherapy, Ozone Therapy, Hormone Optimization, and Aesthetics.

With an already reputable presence throughout the Los Angeles area, Next Health’s three prosperous locations have worked to build its status as a frontrunner in personalized healthcare solutions. The company has surpassed traditional labels, standing indisputably as the chief entity in the growing wellness market. Next Health has effectively set the bar for proactive health measures by drawing noteworthy figures such as Orlando Bloom, Paris Hilton, and Jay Shetty, among other celebrities and athletes. The inflow of high-profile endorsements highlights the effectiveness of Next Health services and its steadfast dedication to redefining the future of wellness across Southern California.

Under the guidance of COO Scott Svilich, Next Health has developed an expansion strategy to meet the growing global demand for longevity solutions. The addition of Partners Barry and Lori Turbow and Donnie and Megan Wilson demonstrates Next Health’s dedication to advancing wellness in the region, surpassing expectations. Svilich views this partnership as a crucial step in Next Health’s expansion journey, as they share a commitment to meeting the high demand for longevity solutions in Southern California. This strategic partnership will solidify their leadership in the wellness industry and provide exceptional services to the communities they serve.

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Next Health’s expansion in Southern California is set to have a significant impact on the wellness industry. Founders Shah and Peake are excited to partner with a group that can meet the increasing demand for advanced health solutions. Their current wellness centers have already had a profound impact on individuals’ health and well-being, reinforcing their commitment to personalized healthcare. They are looking forward to extending this impact to more people in the region, helping them achieve optimal health and well-being.

The expansion solidifies Next Health’s worldwide leadership and tailored health care across 10 States and three countries. Next Health is now offering franchising openings in major markets throughout the U.S. and abroad. The franchise model carries the goal of helping individuals attain optimum vitality and longevity via personalized, data-driven healthcare.