When it comes to finding a new place to call home, there are various factors you may consider when making this choice. Factors like the cost of living, quality of nearby schools, access to quality healthcare, and even the weather can be important when looking into new neighborhoods – but no factor is more significant than safety. Safety should be the top priority if you are thinking about moving or need to move. Safety helps provide a better understanding of whether or not a new home and new community is the right fit for you, so you want to do some research before deciding where you will call home next. Helping provide insights with facts is the home security company, SafeWise, whose annual reports reveal their findings on how safe a neighborhood is.

Unveiling the Safest Southern California Cities: SafeWise’s Annual Report Analysis

SafeWise is a pioneer in unbiased home security reviews. This company tests, reviews, and compares numerous home safety products and home security companies. By gathering and analyzing home safety and security information, SafeWise takes the work out of extensive safety research for you. Beyond considering what is already in the market, SafeWise’s team of experts what you may need to help you feel and stay safe, identifying gaps in the market that could be filled with innovative tools, tips, and products. 

Annually, SafeWise issues a report that ranks cities in each state across the country based on the most up-to-date FBI data, which includes statistics on violent crime, property crime, gun violence, and package theft. Their report is an in-depth assessment of U.S. cities, including demographic information and their proprietary State of Safety research study results. SafeWise hopes to highlight cities that are ranked the “safest” while raising awareness of cities that are ranked “dangerous” to prompt conversation and action around how to make communities safer. The terminology SafeWise has selected, “safest” and “dangerous,” refer explicitly to crime rates as calculated from FBI crime data – their report does not imply or intend any other characterization of a community.

SafeWise’s Impact: Insights into Home Security and Neighborhood Safety

In their 10th annual report, multiple Southern California was named the safest spot in the states, with many cities in Orange County hitting top spots. But while towns in Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties may have hit top spots for safety, it is essential to note that “When it comes to safety, daily concern continues to be the California state of mind,” according to SafeWise writer Rebecca Edwards. Why? Because the larger picture is that California’s crime rates are still among the highest in the nation. 

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The home safety and security company surveyed many California residents, and the results show that many residents are still highly concerned with safety, with 50% of participants stating significant daily concerns. When examined as a larger picture, the Golden State reveals average property and violent crime rates that are higher than national averages. Compared to the rest of the state, cities in Southern California are much safer. However, SafeWise’s use of FBI data alone may not paint the safest picture.

The Real Story Behind California’s Safety: SafeWise’s Perspective and FBI Data

The FBI has discouraged ranking cities based on their data alone. It recognizes that such lists do not reflect law enforcement’s effectiveness in a particular area or consider other factors like homelessness, young adult residents, and economic status, which can also set a city apart.  

Orange County has safer streets and communities than other Golden State counties, but you may have to dig deeper than SafeWise to get a full picture.